The mission of the church has always been the faithful preservation of the means of grace to edify the church and to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Our work centers on people, speaking with them, preaching to them, teaching them, and having mercy for them. We invite you to partner with us in this work. Click on a project that interests you. Learn more about it from the stories and updates. And then partner with us through your prayers and financial support.

Project: Moba Language Literacy

The Lutheran Church of Togo (ELT) is, in large measure, a National Church located predominantly in rural areas of northern Togo, West Africa.

Project: Evangelism in 12 Villages – Ivory Coast

The Evangelical Lutheran Church-Ivory Coast Synod continues to evangelize and share the Gospel. With support, this church desires to reach out and begin relationships in 12 communities to bring Good News of salvation through Christ.

Project: Soap Making For Women

The church hopes to teach women the art of soap-making, to not only help them earn a livelihood, but to tell others that though our sins are like scarlet, through Christ, we are washed clean to be whiter than snow.

Project: Togo – Kara Urban Missionary

The Lutheran Church in Togo desires to conduct mission outreach, establish a Lutheran presence, and plant a church in Kara, a city centrally located within this narrow nation.

Project: Sierra Leone CCTS

This project supports students enrolled in pastoral studies at the Coordinating Center for Theological Studies (CCTS) which prepares pastors for service in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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