LCMS involvement in Peru began with flood relief efforts in 1997. Ten years later, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake reinvigorated the LCMS’s involvement in disaster response, both in Lima proper and in surrounding villages, and opened the door to church planting. La Misión Luterana del Perú was formed in 2010 and received governmental recognition in 2016. Today, the ministry is comprised of three sites: a three-story building in the upper-class community of San Borja that serves as office space and short-term team housing; a church in the northern suburb of Los Olivos; and a church in the poverty-stricken district of La Victoria alongside a mercy house, Castillo Fuerte, that offers after-school care for children six days a week. Mission pastors and a dedicated Peruvian staff, alongside short-term team volunteers, seek to make continual strides when it comes to both mercy work and church planting.

Dedication of Worship Facility in Peru

For months our Lutheran mission congregation in Los Olivos, Peru was unable to meet for in-person worship, due to the lockdowns. On November 15th, they were finally able to gather together for the long-awaited dedication of this beautiful new worship facility and to celebrate the Sacrament of the Altar.

Godspeed, DiLiberto Family

Today we want to take the opportunity to thank Pastor Anthony DiLiberto, his wife, Jamie and their four children for their faithful, dedicated and valuable service in the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

News From Perú

Although the Covid-19 situation is seeing little improvement in Peru, the Church continues to be a beacon of hope in the community, reaching out with the Gospel, and sharing His mercy with those in need.

Music Camp in Lima, Peru

In July, volunteers, Christa Wesley and Libna Destin from Martin Luther Chapel in Pennsauken, New Jersey, traveled to Peru. Their goal was to enhance the normal routine of the children with a week long music camp.

Peru: Answering the Call

The need to hear of our Savior is universal. To not hear of Him, to not hear of what He has done for us, is to be lost for all eternity.