Proclaiming Christ Around the World

Missions Unpacked Programs

Embark on a global mission experience and unpack how LCMS International Mission works without ever having to dig out your suitcase. Learn, sing, eat and pray with missionaries and local church members in Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Now with additional curriculum for kids and teenagers!

The Rev. Shauen Trump, Area Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, and Shara Osiro, LCMS missionary, greet the Rev. Josephat Barabojik, principle of Waama Bible College, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, in Mbulu, Tanzania. On the right is the Rev. Brent Kuhlman, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Murdock, Neb. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

Experience Making a Difference Around the World

Your gift will be utilized exclusively by the Office of International Mission as it recruits, trains, sends and cares for our missionaries, human care workers, international educators, and military chaplains to serve outside the United States


5 Minutes with a Missionary — Podcast

It’s a window into missionary life. As our missionaries talk about their experiences, savor the uniqueness of the places in which God has called them to serve — while finding common ground with your own role and service.

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Know before you go

Whether you plan to travel as a congregation, with an organization or as an individual, here are some basic safety principles to keep in mind as you prepare.

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Discover ways to support LCMS missionaries

For two months every two years, each LCMS missionary family returns to the United States.
This is an opportunity for the congregations, groups, and individuals of the LCMS to renew or consider beginning their support of a missionary.

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Meet the international team

We have more than 200 missionaries working around the globe.