The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Japan in 1948. In 1971, the Japan Lutheran Church (JLC), or Nihon Ruteru Kyodan (NRK), became a sister church of the LCMS. It is also a member of the International Lutheran Council. LCMS missionaries support the work of the Japan Lutheran Church in the areas of Lutheran school education and theological education.


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Partner Church

Japan Lutheran Church *

* For over 13 years, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) has encouraged, exhorted, and convened theological discussions with the Japan Lutheran Church (JLC) to uphold the clear teaching of the infallible Word of God, as held by the historic confessional Christian Church, that only men may be ordained to the pastoral office, that is, the preaching office.

Sadly, tragically, and against the clear teaching of Holy Scripture, the JLC in its April 2021 convention codified the ordination of women to the pastoral office as its official doctrine and practice. This adoption of false doctrine and practice breaks the confession and unity of the true faith and makes it impossible for the LCMS to continue to recognize and practice altar and pulpit fellowship with the JLC.

Barring a change in the doctrine and practice of the JLC, the serious matter of the formal cessation of altar and pulpit fellowship will be brought before the Synod at its next convention in July 2023.

Japan Lutheran Church

1-2-32 Fujimi
Tokyo 102-0071

Website: jlc.or.jp


Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary
3-10-20 Osawa Mitaki-shi
Tokyo 181-0015

Website: luther.ac.jp