The mission of the church has always been the faithful preservation of the means of grace to edify the church and to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Our work centers on people, speaking with them, preaching to them, teaching them, and having mercy for them. We invite you to partner with us in this work. Click on a project that interests you. Learn more about it from the stories and updates. And then partner with us through your prayers and financial support.

Alliance Missionary Raphael Voigt

Rev. Raphael Voigt did not always want to be a pastor. He grew up Lutheran in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst. Then, Voigt began volunteering with his church’s youth. He was a natural at youth work, and by 2014, he held a regional leadership role. A pastor friend encouraged Voigt, so he commenced seminary studies in 2015. His coursework exposed him to hospital visits, drug rehab center chaplaincy, and children’s recorder lessons in the shantytowns known as favelas. Voigt remained involved in favela ministry during his vicarage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Alliance Missionary Maicon Schieferdecker

Rev. Maicon Schieferdecker planned a career as a math teacher. However, one year into his university education, he transferred to the Lutheran University of Brazil. Friendships with theology students reignited and fostered Schieferdecker’s life-long desire to enter the pastorate. He completed his theological education and was ordained in 2006. Over the next 15 years, Pastor Schieferdecker faithfully served congregations in Brazil. In 2021, he received and accepted a Divine Call from the IELB to serve as an alliance missionary in Uruguay.

Alliance Missionary Lucas Elberhardt Nunes

Rev. Lucas Elberhardt Nunes is a testament to the generational nature of church planting efforts by the LCMS Office of International Mission. A native of Joinville, Brazil, Pastor Lucas’ Lutheran heritage is the product of church planting efforts of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB). The IELB is the result of LCMS mission work, which began in Brazil back in 1900. Thanks be to God, the IELB has grown into the largest Lutheran church body on the South American continent.

Alliance Missionary Rafael Milagres

Rev. Rafael Milagres’ path into the Holy Ministry has some parallels with Martin Luther’s. Rafael grew up a practicing Roman Catholic in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. However, he had a breakthrough as an adolescent Franciscan schoolboy when doctrinal inconsistencies led him to dig into the Scriptures and seek a church with more biblical underpinnings. As a result, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB) became his church home. Milagres, who had considered the priesthood on and off throughout childhood, studied theology at the university level. Then, with some encouragement from his IELB pastor, he began his formal pastoral formation at the Lutheran University of Brazil in 2015.

Alliance Missionary Gustavo Maita

Rev. Gustavo Maita grew up in the Church and felt the Lord’s leading into the pastoral ministry as a teen. He began his theological studies in Venezuela, served his vicarage in the Dominican Republic and graduated from Concordia Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He received a call to serve as an alliance missionary in Puerto Rico from the Lutheran Church of Venezuela in 2017. Since then, he has shared preaching and teaching responsibilities at multiple church plants and capably executed his logistical role as Disaster Response Coordinator. Additionally, Maita provides long-distance disaster response consulting and in-person workshops for church leaders and laity in countries across the Caribbean.

Alliance Missionary Benjamin Flores

Pastor Benjamin and Karina Flores, with their son Lucas, serve the Lord in Belize, Central America. Benjamin was born and grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Benjamin was Catholic but attended the Lutheran High School in Cochabamba. After high school, he studied chemical engineering for three years but called the pastoral ministry. Encouraged by his Lutheran pastor, Benjamin began theological studies at Concordia Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2014. He transferred to and completed his studies in 2019 at Concordia the Reformer Seminary in the Dominican Republic.

Project: Life Initiatives

Life Ministry in the Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) region speaks up for life, cares for people in body and soul, and teaches others about the sanctity of all life. We believe that all life is precious, valued, and created by God. From this perspective, Life Ministry in LAC focuses on areas of life where the world and our sinful nature have distorted this belief, such as abortion, marriage, Christian family life, euthanasia, sexuality, disability, care of the elderly, and more.

Project: Cuba Mission

Cuba’s ranking as the largest Caribbean island positions it firmly within the scope of Latin America & the Caribbean Region. The LCMS first established itself on the Isle of Pines, known today as the Isle of Youth, 31 miles south of the Cuban mainland, in 1911.