The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Mexico in 1940. In 1987, the LCMS began mercy work in Mexico with a grant for earthquake relief. Since then, dozens of grants have supported human care and disaster response efforts. Most recently, the LCMS provided funding for food and clothing, debris removal, and building repairs after Hurricane Jemina in 2009.

For a number of years, LCMS congregations and ministries have worked along the 2,000 mile U.S./Mexico border. The LCMS has sent several long-term missionaries to serve with Yselta Lutheran Mission in El Paso, Texas, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization, which operates programs serving border towns and hosts hundreds of LCMS short-term volunteers on servant event trips to these towns.

CAN-DO Missions, an LCMS mission society, and Children Christian Concern’s Society, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization, also work in Mexico.

In 1968 the Lutheran Synod of Mexico became a sister/partner church of the LCMS.

The Lutheran Synod of Mexico has grown to a baptized membership of more than 1,000 in 20 congregations and preaching stations with a national staff of 12 pastors, lay preachers and other staff. The church operates seven theological education centers, a medical dispensary, and a primary school.


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The Lutheran Synod of Mexico (SLM)
Oficina Central: Playa Manzanillo #530
Colonia Militar Marte
Mexico D.F. 8830

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