The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Guatemala in 1947. LCMS work focused on the areas of seminary education, evangelism and leadership training. In the past, long-term missionaries taught at Christian schools.

In 1976, the LCMS began supporting mercy work in Guatemala with grants for housing, agricultural development and consultation, paramedic training, and building/reconstructing mission properties. Most recently, a grant provided food and roofing materials for Guatemalans affected by a tornado.

Today, the LCMS supports theological education in Guatemala to build up the future church leaders and provide ongoing equipping to its pastors and lay leaders.

The Lutheran Church of Guatemala is focused on training leaders, Bible translation and literacy work. Additional emphases include media broadcasting over six radio stations and one television station. Every month, more than 300 people respond to radio and television ministries and more than 300 are enrolled in Bible correspondence courses.

Other LCMS organizations that have worked in Guatemala include: Lutheran Hour Ministries, Children’s Christian Concern Society and Central America Lutheran Mission Society.

The Lutheran Church of Guatemala is a sister/partner church of the LCMS.

Over the years, The Lutheran Church of Guatemala (LCG) has grown to a baptized membership of approximately 4,000 in 40 congregations and preaching stations and a national staff of 20 including pastors, evangelists, deacons and lay preachers. The church operates one seminary, two preschools, two primary schools and one secondary school.


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Partner Churches

A partner church is a church body with whom the LCMS has full altar and pulpit fellowship. Many LCMS partner churches are also members of the International Lutheran council, a worldwide association of confessional Lutheran church bodies. Some LCMS partner churches came into existence through LCMS-supported mission efforts,while others have historic roots that pre-date the LCMS or that are sourced in the mission efforts of other Lutheran church bodies

Lutheran Church of Guatemala



Lutheran Center for Theological Education
(Centro Luterano De Estudios Teologicos CLET)