Project: Jamaica Mission

The Rev. Obot Ite, his wife, Abasifreke, and daughter, Goodness, live and serve in Kingston, Jamaica. Pastor Ite is a rostered minister of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, working in Jamaica as an alliance missionary of The LCMS. He has been on-island for over a decade, serving the first established mission in Kingston, St. Andrew Lutheran Church, and working to begin new congregations.

Project: Honduras Mission

The Confessional Lutheran Church in Honduras finds her roots in mission work that began through the Lutheran Church in Canada and the Lutheran Church of Nicaragua. Supported by various LCMS congregations in the U.S., the LCMS has assumed the lead in promoting the growth and expansion of this mission outreach. The Honduras FORO coordinates the support to the ministries there. Working with LeadaChild and MOST Ministries, they have become a powerful force to share the Gospel, plant further Lutheran churches and show mercy.

Project: Alliance Missionary Obot Ite

Pastor Obot Ite has served for over eleven years in Kingston Jamaica. Pastor Ite is a third generation Lutheran from our partner church in Nigeria. LCMS began church planting in Nigeria in 1936. Ite, himself, grew up with an LCMS missionary as his pastor. Now, he has come across the sea with his wife, Abas, and little daughter, Goodness, to the Caribbean to bring the precious Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jamaican people.

Project: Dominican Republic Mission

The mission in the Dominican Republic is 11 years old. Five missions have been planted in Santo Domingo and Santiago which are the two largest cities. Two Lutheran schools are functioning alongside churches. A seminary is being established in order to raise up a new generation of Dominicans who might serve their church as pastors and deaconesses.

Project: Deaconess Formation

Our diaconal focus aims to prepare women to head mercy efforts vocationally in the congregation and also be in front of our christian institutions whether they be schools, orphanages. The program itself consists of offering three years of courses offered intensively to Lutheran women in Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Project: Chile Mission

In the past 4 years the Chilean church has almost doubled in size from 5 churches to 9. A new church plant in Santiago is currently building a sanctuary and working towards putting a school for people with disabilities on the same property. Santiago itself is a city of over 6 million people, and multiple other opportunities exist for planting even more churches there. More pastors are needed.

Project: Cayman Islands Mission

The work of showing Christ’s mercy, spreading the Gospel and planting churches in the Cayman Islands dates to the early 2000s for the LCMS. As of the summer of 2019, the congregation established on Grand Cayman island, Safe Harbour Lutheran Church, is being served by supply missionary pastors. Plans are underway to return a permanent missionary presence to the Caymans.

Project: Mercy House: Castillo Fuerte

Having been begun by previous missionaries to address the economic, educational and especially spiritual needs of the most needy in Lima, Castillo Fuerte is dedicated to aiding the communities around our mission sites in Word and deed while preaching the Good News of Salvation that Christ has so freely given us.

Project: Belize Mission

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has had presence in Belize since 2002 when short term teams blessed a small fishing village on the Placencia peninsula in Southern Belize. The Belize Mission Society formed around these short term teams and continued to serve this diverse area through school scholarships, Bible schools, nutrition programs and mercy outreach. In response to requests from the Belize Mission Society, LCMS missionaries established a permanent presence in the country in June 2016, first working with contacts and relationships established by the Belize Mission Society.

Project: Alliance Missionary Sergio Fritzler

As Professor of Theology at Concordia Reformer Seminary, Pastor Fritzler teaches classes on Pastoral Theology, Liturgy, Homiletics and Evangelism. As Provost he oversees the educational affairs and activities of the institution for residential pastoral formation. In partnership with our sister seminary, Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Pastor Fritzler oversees our SMP on-line pastoral formation program which serves more than 20 students throughout Latin America.