Sharing the Gospel in Samburu

Seminarian Kelvin doing home visits in Ngilai

With the closure of schools, boarding facilities, colleges, and universities mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, students at Neema Lutheran College (Matongo) in western Kenya had to quickly return to their homes. To date, these institutions remain closed. The education Cabinet Secretary of Kenya, announced on July 30th, that all universities and colleges would reopen for face to face sessions in January 2021.

Seminarian Kelvin is in his final year and had to return to his home in Samburu county in north-eastern Kenya. He comes from the village of Ngilai, where pastoral work can be challenging due to its remote location. Kelvin has been able to do home visitation throughout the community to share the Gospel. During the time of closed churches, the congregation was meeting in a manyatta (a traditional house) for fellowship; churches have since been given limited permission to reopen so they have resumed meeting in a regular church building. “The Christians are courageously growing strong in the faith of our Lord Jesus,” says Kelvin.