First Graduating Class from the CLETCO – Congo (ROC)

Established in the 1980s by refugees from neighboring countries, the multi-lingual speaking Lutheran Church in Congo-Brazzaville continues to grow. It is blessed with strong pastors trained at the French-speaking Lutheran seminary in Togo (CLET). However, the language differences and expense of sending men to foreign lands for pastoral training have led this church in the Fall of 2017 to begin their first year of a local seminary that provides first-year training for students. The LCMS is currently supporting the Lutheran Center for Theological Studies-Congo (CLETCO) development in Brazzaville to provide pastoral training locally and partners in medical mercy work.

Last month, despite disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, three students completed their studies and received certificates, marking the first graduation from the CLETCO. 

Rev. Mavoungou

Rev. Joseph Tchibinda Mavoungou, director of the CLETCO, shares this message: “I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus in whom we have being, life for eternity. By this message, I would like to inform you of the closure of our academic year and also the granting of the certificates of end of studies to the first graduating class of our center. We want to recognize that it was not easy, but with your prayers and support from our partner, the LCMS-OIM, who helped support the faculty and all the students and their families, we closed the year. The ‘COVID-19’ pandemic disrupted our program, but we took the faithful step to finish, and it happened under the blessing of our Heavenly Father. All the students returned to their families and parishes in very good health.”