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The Venezuelan Lutheran Church faces many challenges due to that country’s continued socio-political crisis.  For the fifteen Lutheran pastors in Venezuela who serve their countrymen, life is “complicated.”  Millions have migrated to other Latin countries, including many well-educated and professional Lutherans. The church remains as a bulwark to encourage those who remain and struggle to feed, clothe, educate and care for their families. They continue to work to form new pastors, deaconesses, teachers and church leaders through their Bible institute, Juan de Frias, in cooperation with Concordia Seminary the Reformer in Dominican Republic.

LCMS World Relief and Human Care working with the LCMS Office of International Missions assists in the following ways:

  • The Lutheran Church of Chile works to secure the most needed medicines and transport them to the local congregations in Venezuela. A grant in the amount of $40,000 from LCMS World Relief and Human Care is the funding source for this crucial and life preserving support. That grant provides for four shipments per year, with a goal of benefitting 500 Venezuelans. The most recent shipment actually brought medicines to 630 Venezuelans.
  • Additional funds are made available to our OIM nurses, who work to secure medicines for church workers and members, which are not included in the Lutheran Church of Chile program.
  • Lutheran pastors receive economic assistance to enable them to minister full time to their flocks.
  • Venezuelan ex patriots in Chile, Perú, Dominican Republic and Spain have received help through local Lutheran mercy houses funded by OIM. These mercy houses reach out with Christ’s mercy arm, to refugees in need of assistance.

The Venezuela Lutheran Church contributes to the efforts of the Latin American and Caribbean Region and presently provides three missionary pastors serving in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Spain. They provide valuable service to the Kingdom of God and to the overall mission in the LAC region, as they work to share the Gospel, plant Lutheran Churches, and show mercy to all. We thank the Lord for their service.  


Checks should be made out to Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or LCMS
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Mission Advancement
P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis, MO 63166-6861
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Jana Inglehart

Jana Inglehart serves the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as the Regional Communication Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region, based in the Dominican Republic.