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Deaconess formation
Pastoral Formation for the Americas and the Caribbean
Emphasis on preparing evangelists and showing mercy

With Latin American Seminaries at their fullest residential capacity, and with a burgeoning deaconess program taking off in the region, an additional seminary and mercy training center in Latin America was identified by Regional LCMS leadership as a critical need.

The new seminary facility is the newly constructed top floor of the existing
Lutheran elementary school and church. The campus supports a full residential seminary program for pastors, and a distance education program for deaconesses. It consists of several classrooms, offices for professors, dormitory space for about 20 students, a conference space for use in regional gatherings and a modern library ,which when
completed will be on track to being the largest Spanish Lutheran Theological Library in the world.

Young men who attend the new seminary, located in the Dominican Republic, receive a formation which prepares them for a lifetime of pastoral ministry in Central America and the Caribbean. The presence of the Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor group home for children with developmental disabilities, on the campus of the seminary, is an opportunity for students to learn how to integrate the merciful role of the church in its community, with Word and Sacrament ministry. In addition, pastoral students work closely with missionary church planters throughout the country of the Dominican Republic, in order to gain vital
hands on experience planting churches and sharing the Gospel with
those who don’t know Christ.

For the young women who are studying to be deaconesses, the rich theological depth offered in classes, and the intensive practical
experience which comes from the surrounding mercy institutions
serves to form capable and effective deaconesses to support the work
of Pastors throughout the region.

The large conference room is known as our Mercy Center and Lord willing will soon partner and teach on a whole range of mercy issues. Issues such as affirming life, reconciliation, working with people with disabilities, the deaf, and giving lay people and church workers alike a sturdy witness of Jesus while also being hands and feet of mercy to those in need.

Cost Breakdown

Total: $284,093
Dormitory Expansion: $22,727
Housing for a married couple: $4091
Furnish an office: $1,136
Furnish a classroom: $4,545

New Seminary Support

Checks should be made out to Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or LCMS
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Mission Advancement
P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis, MO 63166-6861
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