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The Tagakaulo people live in a remote area on a southern island the Philippines. The mountainous region has few paved roads; visiting the churches of the Tagakaulo Lutheran Church of Christ in the Philippines (TLCCP) requires either long hikes on foot or adventurous rides on off-road scooters. While some Tagakaulo can build homes of bricks or block, most build homes from grass, bamboo, or wood. 

When the LCMS missionaries helped establish the TLCCP, they gave the church a seminar system for training pastors. Through monthly seminars, over the course of five years, they train pastors to serve these agrarian communities. 

At the same time, the TLCCP recognizes the need and benefit of preparing pastors in a rigorous, residential seminary. So, the LCMS has partnered with the TLCCP to send two men to a seminary in the Philippines operated by the Lutheran Church in the Philippines (LCP). 

These men will return to the TLCCP with a full bachelor’s degree in theology. They will help their church understand the theology of the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions and will deepen the theology and training of pastors in the TLCCP. 

The story above is simply one example of the type of work this project supports. This project also enables select pastors to train at LCMS institutions in the United States and provides support for the seminaries of our partner churches in Asia. These seminaries include Concordia Theological Seminary in Nagercoil, India; Timothy Lutheran Seminary, Birip, Papua New Guinea and Lutheran Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines.

Your support of “Asia Region Theological Education — Learning” provides scholarships and helps seminaries in Asia build a foundation upon which the churches of Asia may continue to grow for generations to come. 

Theological Training in the Philippines

WATCH: The Rev. Todd Roeske discusses work in the Philippines, one example of the type of work this project supports.

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Roy S. Askins

The Rev. Roy S. Askins now serves as managing editor for The Lutheran Witness the official publication of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.