Podcast: A Two Day Hike in the Bush

Dr. Dicke shares a story about work in PNG.

Dr. Martin Dicke, LCMS Missionary to Papua New Guinea, rejoins us today to tell the story of Pr. John Mos, a pastor in PNG. Pr. Mos travels from the Papaki Circuit where he and another pastor care for fourteen congregations to Timothy Lutheran Seminary to get bread, wine, and other supplies for the churches under his care. Sounds like a normal trip, until you learn that he hikes two days through the bush just to get to the airport!

Listen to the podcast for more details. To learn more about Dr. Dicke and the work he’s doing in PNG, you can email him directly, visit his website, or his Facebook page, Dicke’s Back to PNG. Dr. Dicke also has an active Youtube Channel; one of the videos we discussed in this episode, One Stone at a Time can also be found there.

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