The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Papua New Guinea in 1948 at the invitation of a Wauni tribal leader in Yaramanda, Enga Province. In 1971, the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church (GLC) of Papua New Guinea became an LCMS sister/partner church. It also is a member of the International Lutheran Council. During 50-plus years of blessing by the Holy Spirit, the church has grown to a baptized membership of more than 54,500 in approximately 550 congregations.

The Call of Papua New Guinea

The Rev. Ronald Rall and his wife Mary Anne served as LCMS missionaries in Papua New Guinea (PNG) from 1973–1981. After returning to the U.S. they continued mission trips to PNG. In 2018, the LCMS Office of International Mission called the Rev. Rall to teach part time at a seminary in PNG.

The Story of the Enga Bible Translation Project

Reverend Maniosa Yakasa is a pastor of the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. He serves as lead translator of the Enga Bible Translation Team. Here is his story.

PODCAST: Repenting of Violence in PNG

In recent history, Papua New Guinea declared a National Day of Repentance. As Luther noted, the entire Christian life is one of repentance. This year,