Parade Gardens Lutheran School News

Story by Rev. Obot Ite, Alliance Missionary Pastor from Nigeria who serves as the chaplain for Parade Gardens Lutheran School in Kingston, Jamaica, and as the sole pastor for two mission congregations and two preaching stations. He and his wife, Abasifreke, have lived and served in Jamaica since October of 2007.

Photos: Jana Inglehart and Obot Ite

We are grateful to God for his protection and guidance through the last school year at Parade Gardens Lutheran School (PGLS) in Kingston, Jamaica. Just before the close of the last term, the school organized a sports day event in which the children participated in many races and won several awards and prizes. Now we look forward to God’s blessing for the new term that began on April 12 and will continue into early July.

PGLS recently received 50 copies of “A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories” from Memorial Lutheran Church and School, Houston, Texas, and distributed the same to our nearly 40 students in enrolment. Additional copies serve some children in our congregations. The books and sport day awards were presented to the students on the first day of this term. We are grateful to God for sustaining the hope of these students and families through the school and for the level of improvement in the learning and morals of our children.

We will continue to engage the parents and families in faith conversations and seek to connect many seekers in the community with our faith community – Faith Lutheran Church. Five new students joined the school community this month, bringing the total number of students to thirty-nine, excluding those who stopped coming because of the pandemic.

On April 19, the school observed Career Day with a great turnout. Many students voiced and displayed their future careers by way of attires. There were chefs, nurses, doctors, military officers, teachers and entrepreneurs, as well as the uncertain ones among them.

We are requesting prayers for two of our students who are recovery from an accident earlier this year, and for a parent who is still in the hospital anticipating surgery for a broken spine as a result of the accident. Prayer is also requested for families in the community and for an effective witness of the church in the community.

Please keep the staff of PGLS in your prayers: Ms. Jennifer Williams – Teacher Pre-K, Ms. Latoya Mclaggan – Teacher Aide, Ms. Brittany Mckalin – Teacher K1, Mrs. Janet Hayle- Principal/Teacher K2, Ms. Faith Black – Cook, Mr. Henry Allen – Cook and Facility Manager, Rev. Obot Ite – Chaplain, and Mrs. Sandra Buchanan – Administrator.

Jana Inglehart

Jana Inglehart serves the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as the Regional Communication Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region, based in the Dominican Republic.