Bishops, pastors, site managers, and guests attend the groundbreaking of the new Project 24 site – Wamba

The Project 24 program is an initiative started between the LCMS Office of International Mission and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK). This initiative provides children’s boarding facilities in Kenya, allowing vulnerable children to complete primary and secondary school. The children live at one of the sites, a home away from home, while attending primary school. 

Each site is located next to an ELCK church and close to a primary school, providing a Christ-centered, loving, caring, and safe environment. Every student has daily opportunities for Scripture engagement, catechesis, and worship. The goal is for them to grow in faith and celebrate Christ’s claim on their life in joyful recognition of God’s forgiveness worked by grace through faith.

There are currently eight boarding facilities that provide adequate lodging, meals, school fees and related school expenses, medical care, an appropriate play area, adult oversight, academic tutoring, emotional support, and spiritual care to five hundred children. On January 31st, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony of the ninth Project 24 site, Wamba, took place in Samburu. The bishop from ELCK Central Rift Valley and pastors from the surrounding areas were in attendance. Also present for this joyous event were the area member of parliament, area chief, pastors from other denominations, children officer, architect, contractor, community members, and other guests. 

The construction has begun on the new site. We look forward to the dedication of the new Wamba site upon its completion.