Hope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rev. Kono prepares for distribution of hand sanitizing items

 A COVID-19 relief grant to the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone (CELC-SL) has helped them to bring hope amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod first began working in Sierra Leone in 1983. Sierra Leone has faced civil war and the Ebola epidemic. Now this new threat, the coronavirus pandemic, is upon them.

The grant was instrumental in providing educational materials and handwashing stations in efforts to bring awareness of the COVID-19 virus and how to prevent it. LCMS missionaries Rev. Gary and Stephanie Schulte have served side-by-side with the CELC-SL for many years. Evangelistic materials that they shared with the church prepared them to reach many congregations and communities who are worried as they face uncertain times due to the pandemic.

Rev. John Bundor, of the CELC, sends this note of thanks to the LCMS in appreciation as they continue to walk together to share the Gospel. “As a national president of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and all of our donor supporters who helped you in diverse ways to come to our aid during this serious pandemic situation. With this, we can see the love and care you have for the Church in Sierra Leone. We hope and pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to protect and keep us safe for his name’s sake. Moreover, I want to notify you that the emergency relief sent on Coronavirus was very helpful. Let me tell you that, this lesson aid was like opening the eyes of a blind man to glance at what was hidden from him. Before this sensitization, our people were ignorant, scared, and worried about this coronavirus. Casting each one’s fear and worries on Christ’s during this sensitization and education on lesson topic “Coronavirus and Christ” etc. After this sensitization, they become knowledgeable, brave, and reassured of Christ’s power, concern, care, and control over all disease of sin and pandemic in this sinful world. Our only hope is Jesus Christ.”