PODCAST: Christian Hospitality in South Korea

Gretchen Trinklein talks about hospitality. 

The Scriptures exhort us to show hospitality to strangers and to those of the household of faith. The early Christian church also took great care to show hospitality to those in need; the pagan world of the time marked Christians especially because of their hospitality. 

Americans often tend to show hospitality through large meals. We invite friends and family over to eat with us, and we make many memories around the dinner table. 

Asians tend to join in this table fellowship in other ways, showing special honor to those they invite into their homes. Please join Gretchen Trinklein, LCMS missionary to South Korea, as we talk about these differences and how she and her family have used hospitality as an opportunity to witness to Christ’s work in S. Korea. 

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Roy S. Askins

The Rev. Roy S. Askins now serves as managing editor for The Lutheran Witness the official publication of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.