Project: Moba Language Literacy

Project ID: TG0001-60802

The Lutheran Church of Togo (ELT) is, in large measure, a National Church located predominantly in rural areas of Northern Togo, West Africa. Many of its members are unschooled and therefore illiterate agricultural folks. This project aims to improve their lives through classes in reading and writing in their own local language – MOBA. The funds for this project will purchase the needed student supplies and language manuals, the teachers’ supplies and help cover the teachers’ expenses incurred from time away from their fields. The students will be taught by Lutheran leaders who will use Biblical texts and stories, which will then communicate the Gospel
at the same time.

Experience Making a Difference

If your desire is to have an impact on this specific project, or if you have questions about supporting the Africa region, please contact LCMS Mission Advancement at:

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