The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began work in Taiwan in 1951. In 1966, the China Evangelical Lutheran Church (CELC) became an LCMS sister church. Today, the LCMS supports the Concordia Middle School and Concordia English Language Academy by providing GEO missionaries. They serve as English and Bible teachers. They not only server alongside local national teachers, they also lead chapel services, Bible studies, fellowship groups, and outreach events. Additionally, two LCMS career missionaries serve as professors at China Lutheran Seminary. The LCMS Asia regional office is located in Chiayi, Taiwan. It serves as a center of operations as well as a theological training center.

Theological Partnership in Taiwan

With LCMS support, the China Evangelical Lutheran Church in Taiwan is taking steps to establish an independent seminary in the same location in Chiayi where the original seminary was founded in the 1950s.

Music Specialist Project in Taiwan

Missionary Dr. Martin Dicke assumes a new role as Asia music specialist. From April to June, Dicke prepared and presented 10 workshops, lectures and demonstration recitals for the China Evangelical Lutheran Church in Taiwan.

A Joyful Noise in the Streets

A local Lutheran pastor and LCMS missionaries share a meaningful Christmas celebration with a Taiwanese community and their mayor.