Local Resources Benefit Dominican Missions

One of the goals of planting Lutheran churches in developing countries is for the mission congregation to become self-sustaining. That means supporting a full-time pastor and providing and maintaining a worship space with utilities and other necessities. Since church plants, by nature, begin small, it can be a real challenge for them to cover all expenses, especially in the beginning.

Celebrating 10 Years of God’s Mercy

Our heavenly Father is faithful and has certainly protected and provided for His six children that He has placed in our care. January 3, 2021, marked the 10th anniversary of our kids moving out of the government orphanage and into the loving home prepared for them. The Lord has heard your prayers on their behalf. He has provided through all of you over the past ten years so that they might know the love of Christ Jesus.

First VBS in Palmar Arriba

The first ever vacation Bible school was held last week in Palmar Arriba, Dominican Republic. Missionaries, pastors, deaconesses, seminarians and others assisted with stories about Bible heroes, crafts, and songs.

Project: Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes

In the fall of 2005, two missionaries arrived in Santiago, Dominican Republic, with one contact name in hand. They aimed to plant Lutheran churches inclusive of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This grassroots endeavor resulted in the incorporation of an NGO, Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes (HLBP), in 2009.