Unprecedented Floods – The Church Responds

Recent floods in Rio Grande do Sul, the heart of Lutheranism in Brazil, have destroyed churches, schools and homes. The unprecedented torrential rains never seen in the history of the area have resulted in catastrophic loss of life and property destruction.

Alliance Missionary Rafael Flores

Pastor Rafael Flores is a church-planting pastor from the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile, serving in the Dominican Republic with his wife, LCMS missionary deaconess, Jamielynn, and their baby girl, Elena.

Alliance Missionary Raphael Voigt

Rev. Raphael Voigt is a church-planting pastor in Los Andes, Panama. There, he teaches Bible classes, leads worship services and finds creative ways to reach the local community. Pastor Voigt works with two local deaconesses to provide painting classes for children and adults in the community. Each class includes a devotion or Bible lesson. He also provides music lessons, visits elementary schools,  orphanages and hospitals, and makes inroads into the community, sharing the Gospel wherever he goes.