Safe Harbour Lutheran Church began life in 2001, bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to both native and ex-pat residents as well as tourists and visitors to this island territory of the United Kingdom. Once a part of Jamaica, the Caymans have thrived materially as a very small English-speaking enclave surrounded by much larger and more populous Spanish-speaking islands and countries.

Mercy Conference in Grand Cayman

We thank God for Concordia the Reformer Mercy Center, which has organized and facilitated several theological conferences across Latin America this year.

Project: Cayman Islands Mission

The work of showing Christ’s mercy, spreading the Gospel and planting churches in the Cayman Islands dates to the early 2000s for the LCMS. As of the summer of 2019, the congregation established on Grand Cayman island, Safe Harbour Lutheran Church, is being served by supply missionary pastors. Plans are underway to return a permanent missionary presence to the Caymans.

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