The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod began supporting mission work in Chile in 1960 when the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chile, now known as the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile, became a partner church. The Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCHI) partners with the LCMS and other partner church bodies in Latin America to educate pastors and other mission leaders through a Mission Training School. IELCHI and The LCMS have a collaborative relationship for administering projects and working toward objectives for the region, including missionaries and volunteers supporting a mercy house for young people with disabilities.

Latin America & Caribbean Region Presentation

Regional Director and Missionary Pastor Ted Krey spoke to the 2019 LCMS Convention on the afternoon of July 21, 2019. The convention theme was “Joyfully Lutheran.” In this video, Rev. Krey shares stories from his 20 years of missionary service across the region and how the Church is growing day by day.

Food for the Hungry in Chile

During the past few months, the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile has continued to reach out to local communities with the Gospel, despite the lockdowns. Worship services, devotions, catechism classes and Bible studies are shared online while in-person services are not permitted. Pastors maintain phone contact to encourage and assist members whenever possible.