The Lutheran church of Brazil, Portuguese speaking, is the first place that mission work began with LCMS missionaries in Latin America in 1900. Over 100 missionaries from LCMS served in Brasil until 1975. Today the IELB has over 2000 congregations and more than 800 pastors. Its seminary was founded in 1905 and today has over 130 students and served by a full time faculty in Canoes, Brazil. The Brazilian church also boasts the largest Lutheran university in the world with over 60 000 students and additionally some 40 plus parochial Lutheran schools. Some 27 congregations have been planted by Lutheran chaplains on her different campuses over the years. The IELB is the first daughter church of the LCMS to plant Lutheran churches overseas in Angola and Mozambique Africa. The IELB has opened a seminary and currently supports more than 90 missions planted in these countries with 11 ordained and others in studies. The IELB  is in full altar and pulpit fellowship with the LCMS and has the goal of planting churches in its 500 largest cities.

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