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Provides Ongoing Missionary Care
Place of rest and respite in the Dominican Republic
Training and Continuing Education for Missionaries

Missionaries leave their countries, travel thousands of miles
to raise their salaries, establish themselves and their families
in foreign countries all to preach the Gospel. After two years,
they repeat the process of leaving their new home to
strengthen their financial support ,travel thousands of miles
more, leave their field of service for 8 weeks, only to return
back to their mission field. It is imperative to care for our
missionaries in body and spirit, as they undertake extensive
travels and find themselves straddling different countries for
the sake of the Gospel.

“The Monastery Concept,” or our way of thinking about care
for missionaries, seeks to serve missionaries by giving them
rest, study in the Word, time to worship and time to
reconnect with regional leadership, so as to care for them
and their families. The Monastery concept provides a restful
place for our missionaries in the Dominican Republic where
they can rest from their travels and work and be
strengthened. Have the opportunity to have a chaplain serve
them with the Word and encourage them. Provide for them
to be in worship with others so that our Lord Jesus might
serve them and strengthen them on the inner person for
continued service to the Lord and His church.

The Monastery concept also provides both the initial and
continued training for missionaries in the area of church
planting, worship, family, mentoring, teaching the faith and

Cost Breakdown

Total: $28,409
Week of focused care for a missionary: $2,840
Maintaining visitation housing: $568 monthly

Monastery Concept

Checks should be made out to Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or LCMS
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Mission Advancement
P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis, MO 63166-6861

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